Stretching, Part 2

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Happy Sunday! And bittersweet Daylight Savings. Losing an hour of sleep on a Sunday is anything but pleasant, BUT it was still sunny at 6pm on the East coast. Which almost made me forget that totaled less than five hours of sleep last night. Almost.

Anyway, I wanted to continue last week’s discussion about stretching. I really can’t stress how important it is to take care of your body, especially for runners. So, tonight I wanted to share a few of my favorite stretches with all of you. These are the basic static stretches I during about a mile into my runs (static stretches are not recommended for cold muscles as it can lead to injury) and afterwards if I’m not being lazy or rushing. If you are the type of runner who prefers to be stretched out before you begin running I would recommend researching some dynamic stretches- they will warm up your muscles and allow them to stretch out a bit.

My top 7 stretches:

I do them in this order and hold each for 15-20 seconds. 

1. Arms and Obliques- stretches your triceps and when you lean to the opposite side of the arm being stretched you get a good side stretch. Ever have sore obliques after a long run? This stretch will make you feel so much better!


2. “Tejada” Stretch- This one was introduced by my first track coach in high school, which is why it bears his name (for me and my teammates at least). It is a deep calve stretch and even stretches below the calves. It can be done on any slightly elevated surface, like stairs or bleachers, or with the ball of your foot against a wall. Stretch both calves.


3. Quadriceps Stretch- When doing this stretch take care to not strain your knees by pulling your leg back farther than what is comfortable to you. Stretch both sides.


4. Calve Stretch- Place your hands on a wall and lunge back with one leg far enough to get a good stretch. Then switch legs.


5. Hamstring Stretch- Place your toes together and reach down towards them. If you cannot touch your toes right away, don’t worry! Your flexibility will increase over time if you stretch regularly. Doing this can also alleviate lower back pain if it is caused by tight hamstrings.


6. Inner Thigh Stretch- Begin this one standing straight. Then step to the side with your right leg and lower yourself to the ground. I you feel a good stretch midway you can also stay there. Switch legs.


7. Hip stretch- Place one foot over the opposite knee and lower your self into a chair position. Then switch. I didn’t start doing this one until my senior year of high school. I had been having problem with hip pain and the new cross-country coach showed it to me. Now, I make sure to always hold it for a full 20 seconds and I have not experienced the pain I felt that year again. Seriously, this one saved me!


That’s all! I hope you guys like the stretches. Comment below and tell me some of your favorites!

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