Heart Walk 2013-2014

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I’ve finally picked my next run! As you can see, I have chosen the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. More specifically, the Wall Street Run and Heart Walk, which will take place on Wednesday, June 18 at 6:45 pm.

The race is a timed 3-mile run/walk. It should be interesting considering I haven’t done an actual 5k since 2007! It’s been so long, I can’t even recall my personal best.

I have exactly 51 days to prepare and my foot still doesn’t feel up for any running. Normal people would probably wait until they can run pain-free to sign up for a race, but I’ve always been a bit stubborn. I’ve been biking and swimming a few times per week and will continue doing so until I’m ready to hit the pavement. I also tried some strength training on Friday- let’s just say that I have neglected my arms for far too long. I perform much better on leg day, I swear!

Anyway, before I go I wanted to share my donation page in case this cause is special to any of you, or if you just want to help!

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