About Me

Morning coffee.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I don’t run as much as I’d like to. Sound familiar?

Once upon a time (when I was in high school), I was what you would call an “avid runner.” I was on my school’s cross country and outdoor track teams. I was also on the swim team, which is why I never ran indoor track. Even though I spent more months out of the year running than swimming, I never truly thought of myself as a runner. I identified as a swimmer. If I was going to keep up with any sport after high school, I swore it would be swimming.


Actually, after graduating in 2008 I stopped working out altogether. I went from four years of running or swimming five-six days a week to being exceptionally inactive.

In March of 2010, I participated in a Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure event and I ran the entire 5k! I remember being surprised I could still run 3.1 miles with relative ease. Oh, muscle memory.

I don’t think I ran again until my high school swim coach’s wife invited myself and a few other alums to participate in the Merrill Down and Dirty Mud Run that October. I signed up for the 10k and swore I would train. Training consisted of two 3-mile runs just days before the event. Dedication! Somehow, I finished in about 55 minutes. Not too shabby for 6 miles strewn with obstacles and mud. My coach, who had come to watch, didn’t think it was a full 10k and while I agree, I don’t think it was too much shorter. 😉

It was this event that triggered my sporadic running habits. Every few months I pick running back up and I’m good for about a month. Maybe a month and a half. Then I stop again. And start again. And stop again. Every year I participate in events I think of as “fun runs.” So I don’t feel bad if I don’t train for them.

I believe I was so dedicated to sports in high school because I had a team to train with and to perform for. I need something to strive for and a way to hold myself accountable. Which brings me to the idea for this blog. I have signed up for a half marathon (NOT a fun run). And I will blog about my training journey.

Now, don’t be misled. I am not saying I’m going to dedicate myself to running five+ days a week. I’m not. I’m a senior in college, a lifeguard manager at a fitness center, and a swim instructor. People who know me say that I am always busy, and I am. And I think you are too. Whether it’s school, work, family, friends, or sheer laziness keeping you from running, not everyone can spare an hour a day to go run. Sometimes that extra hour of sleep is just too appealing. Sometimes you simply have too much work to children just won’t allow you some “you” time. But I think we can all manage three runs a week. If I can squeeze in more, great. If I can’t, that’s fine too.

So, this is what I am challenging myself to: being an avidly busy/lazy runner. Won’t you join me? 🙂

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