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I’m Back!

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It’s been almost two months since my last update. That’s because between the relentless snow, ice, and my pesky little foot problem, my running has been nearly non-existent. I was practically ice skating on my way to work this morning! And I’m hearing more snow tomorrow. Sigh.

There is a silver lining though! In the absence of running, I have become more consistent with my cross-training. I might have mentioned this before, but I work at a gym. A gym I have rarely made use of until this year. I figured that if I can’t get in the runs I want, I might as well work on other areas. My cross training has mostly consisted of elliptical machines (I am not a fan of treadmills), cardio/toning circuits and my personal favorite, yoga! I also consider teaching swimming for a few hours a week a workout. 😉

My half marathon is a week from today, but I haven’t decided if I’ll run it or not. We’ll see what happens. 🙂 If I decide to, you can all expect a detailed update next weekend. Also, stay tuned for my next post, which will be on things to consider when buying running sneakers!


It Begins…

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On Saturday I finally sat down and signed up for my first half marathon- the Central Park Half Marathon. I’m both excited and nervous. I’m planning on running three times a week (more if I can manage), although yesterday was my first day. I ran about 1.5 miles during a break from work. My hip flexors are already tight! After some stretching later today I’m going to log another two miles.

My fellow lazy runners, I cannot tell you how important it is to ease into running. Don’t try to sprint your first run. Don’t run so far out that you can’t make it back home. By doing too much too soon you are just begging for shin splints or a stress fracture. Personally I’ve never suffered from the former, but I am told shin splints are incredibly painful. Now stress fractures I am familiar with and OUCH. I suffered from one my sophomore year of high school during cross country. I was stubborn and ran a week with the pain before finally limping into the athletic trainer’s office. I wasn’t allowed to run for a month after that. Injuries are nothing to play with!

Now, back to the half marathon. I have just under four months to train, which is more than enough time if I keep up with it. Each will I will slowly increase my total mileage.

To help motivate myself, I have invested in a GPS watch – the Garmin Forerunner 10, and new training sneakers- Saucony Powergrid Cortana 2 from Road Runner Sports.


Stay tuned for reviews!